The use of the Company's website and services by the visitor / user requires the unconditional agreement with the following terms of use, which apply to all content contained on its website. Therefore, the visitor / user must carefully read these terms before using the services of the website and if they do not agree, they must not use the services and the content. The visitor / user is kindly requested to check the content of the terms of use for possible changes.


This website includes the online store of our company. Its constant purpose is to provide the best possible service to our customers. This e-shop enables both our customers and all internet users to be informed immediately about the products offered by our company, as well as to make their purchases electronically.


Copyright and Trademark
All website design, text, graphics, its content and settings are intellectual property of the company or NetHouse and are being protected under the relevant provisions of Greek law, European law and international law. All rights reserved, any text or image bearing the company symbols are registered trademarks. It is strictly prohibited to use, distribute, publish, copy and reproduce texts, graphics, content, symbols, logos, functionalities or any element of the website, without the written consent of the company.


You can see how we use your information in our Data Protection Policy page. The use of the website and services of the company by the visitor / user requires their unconditional agreement with the terms stated therein.


The website uses the SSL protocol, for secure online commercial transactions. This protocol ensures the encryption all of your personal information, such as your credit card number, name and address, so that it cannot be read or changed when it is transmitted over the Internet. The SSL certificate has been issued by the certification company.
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol is currently the global standard on the Internet for the authentication of websites (websites) to network users for the encryption of data between network users and web servers. An encrypted SSL communication requires that all information sent between a client and a server be encrypted by the sending software and decrypted by the receiving software, thus protecting personal information during its transfer. In addition, all information sent with the SSL protocol is protected by a mechanism that automatically detects whether the data has changed during the transfer. The online store accepts VISA, Mastercard and Maestro credit cards. Your transactions in our online store are protected by up-to-date security systems (RSA 2048-SHA256 / TLS 1.2 with AES-256 + Forward Secrecy with modern browsers) which guarantee a secure trading environment.


The products available for sale, their features, prices and available stock, are shown on the website and are accessible to everyone. Users can find for more information about each product by clicking on the product icon. The company guarantees the timely information of the customers regarding whether a product is available or not but does not bear any responsibility for their availability. The company makes every effort every day to provide all the required information for each product (features, prices, etc.). However, in order to avoid potential errors, we would recommend that before the completion of your purchase, you contact us in case the prices or any other product feature is beyond the usual and reasonable. At specific time periods, special offers and discounts may be made available, in the context of promotional activities of the company, which may differ between the physical stores and the website and apply to different products. The prices listed for each product include VAT (24%), while the online store reserves the right to adjust prices without prior notice.


Orders through the online store are contracts for distance selling, which are governed by the legal framework of Law 2251/1994 (as it is valid today) of the amendments referred to in Presidential Decree 131/2003 (Government Gazette A '116 / 16.05.2003 ) and in the decision 31619 Government Gazette 969 / 22.3.2017 as well as the adaptation of the Greek legislation to the Directive 2011/83 / EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2011, on the rights of the consumers, the amendment of the directive 93 / 13 / EEC and Directive 1999/44 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council and repealing Council Directive 85/577 / EEC and Directive 97/7 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, published in Official Journal of the European Union, with number L 304 of 22.11.2011 as it came into effect on 13/06/2014 ..
The user has the right to place a valid order through the online store, if they are legally competent in compliance with the provisions of the Greek Civil Code (provided that he has reached the age of eighteen (18) and is not in legal assistance regarding their conduct contracts of sales). Orders can also be placed by legal representatives of legal entities. The company reserves the right to demand the return by the supervisor or guardian of any orders that will be made by legally incompetent persons.


You have the right to return the entire order or part of it without having to tell us the reason why you want the products returned, within 14 calendar days from the date you receive it. In this case the customer bears , only the direct cost of returning the products. In case the reason for your return is an error of the company, we shall bear the cost of returning the product, provided that the return has been made via our courier company for orders delivered in Greece or abroad.
To exercise your right of withdrawal, you must complete and submit the special return form. You are required to send the product in perfect condition in which you received it, end without compromised packaging or having removed the tags and labels attached on the product. In addition, you must include the sales receipt while submitting your withdrawal request through the "return form". The return will be accepted only through a courier service and only after the approval of the company.

In case of return, the timeframe of the refund depends on your payment method and will be fulfilled within 8 business days, starting from the day we received the products. The refund will be applied on your original payment method.
In case the reason for return is a mistake of the company, the company shall bear the cost to pick up your parcel from the address you have speciffied. In case the consumer wishes to return their order for other reasons, they have to bear the shipping cost for the return of the goods. Once the product has been dispatched from your address, the company receives it within 1-2 working days for returns within Greece and given the shipment has been fulfilled from our designated courier service (Speedex_. In case you choose other courier services, we can not provide any guarantee for the delivery times of the products you return to us. Please do not use regular postal service since we will be unable to process your return. After receiving the product, we will immediately process your request and inform you by e-mail about next steps. After the return of the product, and if approved by the Company, the full amount will be refunded either to the original payment method, or through a bank deposit to the account specified in the return form, in case the order was paid by Cash on Delivery.


Force majeure: If for reasons of force majeure (eg bad weather, strikes, etc.) it may not be possible to deliver the products to you within the standard delivery times. We will inform you via e-mail, in order to confirm if you wish, under these conditions, the completion of your order. The company bears no responsibility for any situation that is beyond its own fault and will do what is possible for the best service possible.
Modification of the present terms: The company reserves the right to modify or update the terms and conditions of transactions. The company undertakes the obligation to update this text for any change or addition to the terms.

In case of non-receipt of the ordered goods (and if an unreasonably long period of time has passed since the registration of the order), please contact us. In order to be able to assist you as fast as possible, we would recommend that you include the special order number included in the order confirmation email.
According to Directive 2013/11 / EC, which was incorporated into Greek legislation with JM 70330/2015, and Decision 31619 Government Gazette 969 / 22.3.2017 (article 8) provides for the possibility of electronic resolution of consumer disputes through the Alternative Dispute Resolution procedure. throughout the European Union. If the Customer has a problem with a purchase made from the Online Store and resides in the EU he can use the website https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/?event=main.home.show for out-of-court settlement difference.

Privacy Policy

Part A


Our company with the full info as you can see in contact page , hereinafter referred to as "Company" for the sake of brevity .

Our company is the 'data controller' for the purposes of the applicable European and Greek Legislation for the GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATION (GDPR).

You can see our contact details below in contact page 

The ambition of our Company is to become an exemplary corporate citizen and to ensure the best possible quality of its transactions with our customers.

For us, honesty, legality, transparency and clarity are of great value and we are committed to developing a strong and lasting relationship with our customers, which is based on respect, trust and mutual benefit.

Part of this commitment is to protect and respect your privacy and choices. For this reason, we quote below " OUR COMMITMENT FOR THE PROTECTION OF PRIVACY " and the complete " DATA PROTECTION POLICY” hereinafter referred to as “DPP”.

Part B




1) We respect your privacy and choices.

2) We ensure that personal privacy and security are incorporated into everything we do.

3) We do not send you ads unless you have asked us to. You can change your mind at any time.

4) We never offer or sell your data.

5) We are committed to keeping your data safe and secure. This includes our cooperation only with trusted partners.

6) We are committed to full transparency in the way we use your data.

7) We do not use your data in ways we have not already disclosed to you.

8) We respect your rights and always try to satisfy your requests to the best of our ability, in compliance with our legal and operational obligations.

Part C



The present Privacy Policy has been established by us in order to inform you about the Company's policy regarding  your personal data, about the processing purposes, the category of recipients, the procedures you can follow in order to enforce your legal rights and to provide your consent for processing them .

Therefore, the control and protection of your personal data is governed by the terms of this announcement and the relevant provisions of Greek, European and  International law regarding the protection of personal data of the individual, as well as the Decisions of the Hellenic Data Protection Authority  or other competent authorities . Any future change in the aforementioned regulatory framework will be object of this announcement. It is possible that we will occasionally modify the DPP , either in whole or in part, in our sole discretion. Any amendment to this will be effective immediately as soon as the amended DPP is posted on our website. In any case, if you continue to trade with us,  use our Website and its services and the services of our Online Store , after modifications have been made in accordance with the above, you will be deemed to accept these modifications unreservedly .

The security and protection of your personal data is a priority for us. That is why we undertake to handle your personal data responsibly.

This website contains also links to other websites that are under the responsibility of third parties (individuals or corporations). In no case is our company responsible for the terms of protection and management of the personal data that these websites follow.



Personal data’ is any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (‘data subject’); an identifiable natural person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as but not limited to, the name, the address, the mobile telephone number, the email address (e mail ) , residential address, and one time user data, such as, the password and the IP address , or the MAC address , as well as cookies .



It is likely to be prompted to register  your information (for instance name, surname, age, occupation, address, shipping address, phone number, credit card details etc.) , in order: to browse our Online Store, to trade with us, register as a member at  eshop and sign up for an Account in order to buy products, to register in the Newsletter Service , to participate in competitions or giveaways  or surveys through social media , to ensure a communication channel with you so that we can inform you about both your orders and our new products, to comply with our legal obligations such as invoicing etc. , to apply for career opportunities , to exercise your rights under the law . Particularly:

ØFor each purchase of products from our Online Store, through our website, or store pickup,  the information you must provide us is: your name, phone number, address (street, city, postal code), billing address and order shipping address, document type (receipt, invoice), transaction information such as product purchases and store location, payments and related information or purchase history.  At the same time, we optionally request some information such as mobile phone number (in case we need to contact you directly), e-mail, fax number and your profession.

ØIn case we will issue an invoice to a natural person, we need : the name of the entrepreneur , VAT number, DOY(Tax Office) , address of his / her registered office, occupation .

ØAdditionally, for subscribing to our company’s Newsletter services in order to send you information regarding company news , promotions, sales etc. about our company, products / services, etc., we ask you to provide us with: Your email address (email), name and surname.

ØTo ensure your participation in contests, giveaways, promotional offers or surveys ,we may use data / profile information that are publicly available  in social media and they may be used (when the connection is established using social media accounts or you provide the aforementioned personal data), or other information concerning you and you have provided to us (e.g. through the page "My account").

Ø Data collected through cookies or similar technologies  used during your use of our website / our application or websites / third party applications.

ØIn order to contact us through our contact page you must fill in the following fields:

- Name, Surname, City, email (required).

- Address, Age, Postal Code, Profession, Telephone, Comments, checkbox "I want to receive newsletter emails " (optional).


It is possible we collect or receive data from you through our websites and through forms, applications and devices, product websites or trademark of our Company on social media or otherwise.

Sometimes, we collect them e.g. using cookies to understand how you use our websites / applications or, sometimes, we receive your data from third parties.

Sometimes, you provide them to us directly (i.e. when you create an account, when you contact us, when you make purchases through our websites / applications or from stores, etc.).

When we collect data, the required fields are marked with an asterisk. Failure to provide data marked with an asterisk may affect our ability to provide our products and services.


The personal data that you provide anywhere on the pages and services of our website, are intended exclusively for reasons related to your transactions with us, such as:

- fulfil our mutual agreement (e.g. to deliver the products you have purchased from their websites / applications us),

- provide you with the requested service (for example, send you a weekly newsletter) ,

- Manage contests, giveaways, promotions or surveys in which you choose to participate,

- respond to your questions and to trade with you in other ways,

- to offer a loyalty program, or comply with legal requirements (e.g. issuing invoices or receipts),

- to contact you,

- to keep your details on a deletion list if you have asked us not to send you any further commercial promotions.

- for statistical purposes and to improve the services provided.

Your personal data may not be used by any third party (except for the competent authorities, where provided for, by law without your consent regarding the protection against the processing of personal data, as applicable at any time) , with the exceptions described herein. in Article 7.

The processing of your personal data is also intended to ensure that our websites / applications remain secure, protect them from fraud, and to better understand your needs and expectations and, consequently, to improve services, products and marketing. or our commercial reputation.

In summary, we only ask exactly as much information as we need, in order for you to enjoy, improved purchasing experiences, for as long as you wish to trade with us, while  we, are in compliance with our legal and contractual obligations.




Your personal data will be processed by appropriate means through the use of computers and automations and telematics tools, or manually, or in print, exclusively for the purposes for which it has been collected, with our appropriate security guarantees and confidentiality for the data being processed.

Your Personal Data will be processed by trained, competent staff of the company  (employees and partners) , duly authorized as " relevant persons " in the fulfilment of their duties and , possibly , by third parties which are bound , wherever it is deemed necessary to carry out the above purposes (e.g. service providers, couriers , technicians responsible for the maintenance of information systems, companies used by our Company to organize and / or manage promotional campaigns for products and services of, etc.). Your credit card data is not used for purposes other than verifying the existence of means of payment, accrual and payment management as well as for managing any or all the claims or disputes. To this end, this data will be further processed by the bank that provides services related to online payment management and by the issuer of the credit card you are using, in order to confirm your payment.

In the event that you provide your consent to the processing of your Personal Data, your data will automatically be visible and accessible at all stores of the Company (within Greece), for the purposes regarding the account creation, or for the purposes of marketing ,for  which you will receive appropriate safeguards and measures for the protection and confidentiality of your Personal Data .




We retain your personal data for as long as we need it and for the purpose for which we retain it in accordance with Article 4 of this DPP, in order to meet your needs or to comply with our contractual and legal obligations.

To determine the retention duration of your personal data, we use the following criteria:

  • When you buy products and services, we retain your personal data throughout our contractual relationship and five years after its fulfilment.

  • When you participate in an advertising offer, we keep your personal data throughout the offer and five years after the offer.

  • When you contact us to ask us a question, we retain your personal information for as long as it takes to process your inquiry and five years after processing it.

  • When you create an account, we retain your personal data until you request to delete them or after an inactivity period of five years (as inactivity period is the period that elapses without making any transactions with the Company).

  • When you have provided your consent for direct marketing communications, we keep your personal data until you unsubscribe or  request deletion or after a period of five years of inactivity ( as inactivity period is the period that elapses without making any transactions with Company ) .

  • When cookies are installed on your computer, we keep your personal data for as long as it is necessary to fulfil their objectives (e.g. cookies usedthroughout the duration of a session  shopping cart cookies or session identification cookies ) and five years after they fulfil their objective.

  • When you contact us to apply for a job, we retain your personal data for three years.

We may retain some personal information in order to comply with legal or regulatory obligations us and also to be able to manage our rights (for example, for us to promote our claims before the courts of Law) or for statistical or historical purposes , but no more than ten years .

 When we no longer need to use your personal data, we delete it from our systems and archives or anonymize them, so that you can no longer be identified by them, unless you ask us in writing to retain them. (see section 14).

The websites of our company operate in accordance with the applicable  Greek and European legislation and maintain securely your personal data for as long as you are registered / or subscribed to any of the services and according to what is mentioned in this section .



We may transmit your personal information to our representatives and / or subcontractors for the purpose of supporting, promoting and executing your transaction with us, but always under conditions that fully ensure that your personal data does not undergo any illegal processing, meaning any processing other than the purpose of the transmission in accordance with the above. For example , we reserve the right to , for the above purposes , transmit your personal data to the shipping companies mentioned on our Website for the shipment of the products you purchased  from our Online Store to credit card processors in order to process a payment by you, as a result of your purchase from our Online Store, to third parties – individuals or corporations - who may provide on our behalf promotion and marketing services for both our company and products or services, or to our third party partners who provide us with technical services, such as hosting and technical support services. We hereby inform you that the above categories of recipients of your personal data are the ones performing the processing on our behalf and therefore as such they do not process any of your data beyond the above transmission purposes.

In any case, the employees of our Company who, due to their competence, have access to your personal data, are specific and the access of persons without authorization to your personal data is prohibited.

Every possible step to secure your data, has been taken.

Your personal data in extremely rare and special cases may be disclosed to companies cooperating with our Company.

We may also disclose your personal data to third parties, restrictively in the following cases:

  • In case of sale of a business activity or some assets, in which case we may disclose your personal data to the prospective buyer of that business activity or assets. In case of acquisition of our company or part of its assets by a third party, the personal data it holds about its consumers and which are linked to these assets is one of the assets that are transferred. Where appropriate, in this case, the buyer acting as new data controller, processes your data and that processing is governed by the data protection policy.

  • If we are obliged to disclose or disclose your personal data in order to comply with any legal obligation or the imposition or application of our terms of use / sale or other terms and conditions you have accepted for the protection of the rights, assets or the safety of our Company, our customers or employees.

  • If we have your consent to this, or

  • If the law allows us to do so.

Our company will not offer for sale or otherwise transmit or disclose personal information of visitors / users of its website to third parties other than those mentioned, without the consent of the customer / visitor / user, with the exception of the application of relevant legal obligations and to the competent authorities only.

The data kept in our archives may be disclosed to the competent judicial, police and other administrative authorities upon their legal request and in accordance with the legislation in force at the time. In addition, in the event of a legal order, official order or official preliminary investigation, the Company has the right without further ado to make the relevant information available to the competent authority.



We are committed to keeping your personal data safe and take all reasonable technical etc. precautions towards that goal. We also require, under a contract, that every trusted third party who handles your personal data on our behalf do exactly the same. We always make every effort to protect your personal data and once we receive it, we use strict procedures and security features to prevent any unauthorized access to it. Our Company is not responsible for the malicious actions of third parties that may violate the security of your personal data.




Your data is transmitted using encryption.

Your data stored in cloud hosting provided by the company , which has taken the necessary measures to comply with the European General Regulations Privacy Policy.

Our Company does not store or control credit card data.



From time to time, our websites and applications may contain links to and from the websites of our affiliates and advertisers. If you follow a link to any of these  websites, please note that these websites have their own data protection policy and our company shall not be held liable for these policies. We recommend that you check these policies before submitting any personal data to such sites.

We may also offer you the opportunity to use the login credentials of your social media accounts. If you use this feature, you should know that you are sharing your profile information with us, depending on your settings on the relevant social networking platform. Please visit the relevant social media platform and check their privacy policy in order to understand how your personal data is shared and used in this context.

Some of our sites and applications allow users to submit their own content. Remember that any content you submit to any of our social networking platforms may be displayed to the public, so you need to be careful when providing certain personal information, e.g. financial information or address information.

Our Company does not bear any responsibility for any actions taken by other persons if you post personal data on any of our social networking platforms and we recommend that you do not disclose such information.



By carrying out any of your transactions with us and using any of the Services of our  website, you consent to this DPP and in particular:

Account Entries: If you enter in your Member Account the information of your savings account and / or bank account, then you agree that our Company will use this information for all possible refunds to you, in case you exercise your right of withdrawal under provisions of the Terms of Use and the Law.

Use for advertising purposes: You agree that our Company will process and use your personal data for marketing purposes, such as e.g. sending email with general information or advertising nature (newsletters) with respect to the products and services our company offers. If you wish, our Company will waive the use of personal data for advertising purposes, provided, however, that you follow the procedures for your deletion from the list of registered members who receive our newsletters. The member can at any time send a relevant email or notify us for his/her communication preferences through his/her member's account or unsubscribe following the procedures specified in each informative email he/she receives from us.

Data Processing regarding fraudulent acts: You agree that in the event of reasonable evidence and in the event that it is required by the specific occasion, our Company will have the right to collect, process and use those data which are necessary for disclosure as well as termination of offers generated for fraudulent purposes as well as the data of any other illegal or unconventional use of our website and / or your data by any malicious third party.

We declare that we reserve the right and duty transmission of your personal data to law enforcement and supervisory authorities for the necessary protection against risks for public safety and for the prosecution of crimes within the framework of existing laws.


Our Company respects your right to your personal privacy: it is important that you are able to control your personal data. Your rights are as follows:

Your rights

What does this mean;

Right to information

You have the right to receive clear, transparent and understandable information about the way we use your personal data, as well as your rights. That is why we provide you with the information provided herein.

Right to access

You have the right to access the personal data we hold about you (subject to certain restrictions).

In the event that a request for access to your personal data is made more than once in 30 days in accordance with the terms of this DPP, we may charge a reasonable fee which takes into account the administrative costs involved in providing this information .

Explicitly unfounded, excessive or repeated requests may not be answered.

To access your, you may contact through one of the ways listed below.

Right to correction

You have the right to request the correction of your personal data if they are incorrect or out of date and / or to complete them if they are not complete.

For a correction, you may contact us through one of the ways listed below. If you have an account, it may be easier for you to correct your data through "My Account" section.

Right to delete /

right to erasure

In some cases, you have the right to request the deletion of your personal data. It should be noted that this is not an absolute right, as we may have legal or reasonable grounds to retain your personal data.

If you would like us to delete your personal information, you may contact us through one of the ways listed below.

Right to object towards commercial promotion, including profiling

You can unsubscribe at any time or refuse to receive notifications for direct commercial promotion.

It's easier to do it by clicking (« Unsubscribe ») to any email or notification that we send you. Otherwise, you can contact us using the contact details listed below.

If you wish to object to profiling, please contact us through one of the ways listed below.

Right to revoke consent for data processing made on the basis of consent, at any time

You may revoke your consent to the processing of your data by us when such processing is based on your consent. The revocation of the consent does not affect the legality of the processing carried out on the basis of consent prior to its revocation. If you wish to object and withdraw your consent, please contact us through one of the ways listed below.

Right to object to data processing on the basis of legitimate interests

You may object to the processing of your data at any time when such processing is based on a legitimate interest. To do so, please contact us through one of the ways listed below.

Right to file a complaint with a supervisory authority

You have the right to contact the competent data protection authority of your country in order to complain about the practices of our Company for the protection of data and privacy practices of our Company.

Do not hesitate to contact us through one of the ways listed below, before submitting a complaint to the competent data protection authority.

Right to data portability

You have the right to move, copy or transfer data from our database to another. This only applies in the case of data that you have provided, and the processing is based on a contract or your consent and that processing is carried out by automated means. For more information, contact us through one of the ways listed below.

Right to restriction of processing

You have the right to request that we limit the processing of your data. This right means that the processing of your data by us is subject to restrictions and, therefore, we may store it but cannot use or further process it.

This applies in a limited number of cases listed in the General Data Protection Regulation and are as follows:

· The accuracy of the personal data is disputed by the data subject (by you) for a period of time that allows the data controller to verify the accuracy of the personal data,

· The processing is illegal and the data subject (you) opposes the deletion of personal data and instead requests a restriction on their use,

· The data controller (ie, our Company) no longer needs the personal data for the purposes of the processing, but is required by the data subject to establish, exercise or support legal claims,

· The data subject (you) has objected to the processing based on the legal interests of the data controller pending verification as to whether the legitimate reasons given by the data controller prevail over those of the data subject.

If you would like to request this restriction, please contact us through one of the ways listed below.

Right to disable cookies

You have the right to disable cookies. Internet browser settings are usually programmed by default to accept cookies. However, you can easily customize them by changing the settings in your browser.

Many cookies are used to improve the usability or functionality of websites / applications. Therefore, disabling cookies may not allow you to use certain parts of our websites / applications, as described in detail in the relevant table for cookies.

If you wish to restrict or block all cookies that are installed by websites us / applications (which may not allow you to use certain portions of the site) or any other sites / applications, you can specify through the program settings your browser.

To handle your requests, we may request confirmation of your identity.

In any case, you have the right to address any request in the context of your above rights (e.g. for information, access, correction or deletion, or restriction of the processing of your personal data, etc.) in writing to our Company

  1. Cookie POLICY

This Policy is part of our Company's Data Privacy Policy and part of our mutual contract for the provision of our Services. This website uses cookies. Below you can learn more about the cookies we use, the purpose they serve and how to manage them.

  1. What are cookies?

The cookies are small text files that are installed on your computer or electronic device, through the browser, when you visit our website. The cookies help us collect information needed to measure the effectiveness of our website, improving and upgrading its content, adapting to demand and the needs of users and to measure the effectiveness of the presentation and projection of our online third-party websites. None of the cookie files that are used on our website collect information that identifies you personally and does not receive any document or file from your computer.

The data collected by cookies may include the type of browser you use, the type of computer, operating system, Internet service providers and other such information. In addition, the website's information system, automatically collects information about the sites you visit and the links to third party websites that you may choose through our website.

  1. Types of cookies

The following categories of cookies are used on our website:

Temporary and persistent.

"Temporary" cookies are stored on the computer or electronic device during your visit to our website and are deleted when you exit it. The "persistent" cookies remain on your computer or electronic device for a longer period of time until they are deleted from you.

Third Party Cookies (3dr Party Cookies)

Our Company allows only to companies GOOGLE and PAYPAL to install  cookies. If you log in to third party websites or connect to social networking sites ( twitter , Facebook, YouTube etc. ) through our website , you should be aware that these third party websites or organizations may install cookies as soon as you click on the relevant link. . These cookies are outside our scope of control and are governed by the cookie policy of every third party who installs them. You need to read the corresponding policies of their websites to see exactly how you should manage them.  

  1. How to manage and delete cookies

The settings of most browsers offer options on how to manage cookies. These options vary depending on the browser. Depending on the options provided by the browser you are using, you may be allowed to install cookies, disable / delete existing ones, or be notified every time you receive cookies.

Please note that, in the event that you reject or disable cookies on our website, the functionality of the website may be partially lost. Also, by disabling a cookie or a cookies category, the cookie is not deleted from the browser. Such a operation should be made by you, changing the internal functions of the browser you are using.

  1. Changes in the use of cookies by us.

We may from time to time amend this Policy, in whole or in part, at our sole discretion. Any amendment herein shall take effect as soon as the amended Policy is posted on the Website. At the same time, there will be an indication on our original website that will indicate the change. In any case, if you continue using our website and services and the services of our online store after modifications have been made in accordance with the above, shall be deemed to accept these amendments. If you do not agree with the terms of this Policy, as may be modified, either in whole or in part, you must discontinue use of the Website and our Online Store.

Any change to this Policy will be posted immediately here.



For any questions or concerns about how we handle and use the personal data you or with this policy in general or if you wish to exercise any of your above rights, please contact us by sending an email or by sending us a letter.



Our company is installed and operates mainly in Greece but can operate in and across borders at European or international level.

Our company is under the jurisdiction of the Hellenic Data Protection Authority